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Each partnership begins with a Discovery phase - a collaborative process to analyze district-wide data, resources, and goals.







My multi-level approach to coaching is a positive, collaborative effort that aims to both deepen teachers level of learning and empower them to successfully implement their newly learned instructional methods






INSTRUCTIONAL COACHING & SUPPORT Teachers who receive ongoing support from instructional coaches are better able to implement newly learned methods 







During Curriculum Development, we work through a process to develop, implement, and refine curriculum.  The final curriculum will be based specifically upon the needs of your school, your standards of achievement, and the teaching resources available




My beliefs around creating an inclusive culture have led to my practices and protocols for supporting striving learners. From examining differentiated practices, to exploring Tier 1 and 2 interventions, to implementing realistic and practical progress monitoring, this professional learning can support classroom teachers, interventionists, and Rtl teams.





CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Defining the "what" of our teaching   







PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT FOR INTERVENTIONS AND DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGIES A collaborative examination of interventions, structures of teaching, and progress monitoring tools and methods






Through active reflection and discourse, your leaders can discern where they are and where they want to be. Walking-through real time teaching and studying methods of adult learning will enable leaders to set new goals and envision powerful, on-going PD





LEADERSHIP SUPPORT Leaders can be district or building administrators, instructional coaches, or classroom teachers. No matter which, the best leaders will be life-long learners who value continuing PD






The classroom is not just a room with desks and chairs. It is the environment which can make or break student engagement and therefore should be filled with organized materials and supplies, be aesthetically pleasing, and have an appropriately strong cognitive structure





Workshops are an opportunity to share ideas, theory, and information about a variety of practices, strategies, materials, and techniques. During workshops, I will work with teachers to insure they can seamlessly adapt to every new initiative, program or protocol






PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS For teachersand others within the school community  







ENVIRONMENT SUPPORT: CLASSROOM, LIBRARY, TECHNOLOGY When students care about their physical environment and own every aspect of their classroom, they are engaged in learning 





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