PHILOSOPHY For the love of reading and writing and learning I'm thrilled that you took the time to stop by my website! Chances are if you're here, you’re an educator, children’s rights advocate, parent, or simply interested in the ways children learn. Let me start out by introducing myself and what I do. I'm Patty Vitale-Reilly, consultant, educator, lifelong reader and learner. What I do is based upon what I believe, and the quote above spells out just what I believe. Regardless of age, grade level, geographic location, type of school, discipline, or curriculum, a student needs to be engaged in his or her learning to excel and succeed. I stand on this pillar of belief — so much so that recently I was asked by Heinemann to write an entire book based on that philosophy. This philosophy drives my consulting with schools as well. Through a multi-tiered approach, I develop sustainable literacy initiatives alongside teachers, administrators and students. And, every case is as unique as is every student, every teacher, every school and every district. As such, each program is uniquely tailored to your school whether it is ranked among the best in the state or is failing to meet standards.
Engagement Engagement is key to learner attitude, efficacy and achievement. For me, engagement is defined as the act of being invested in learning. Engaged learners are passionate, hardy, thoughtful, committed and connected to their work. Building an environment that promotes this level of engagement is key to our mutual success
Collaboration Collaboration is key to empowering learners to be able to meet and exceed their learning goals. For me, professional development is a collaborative process with teachers, administrators, coaches, and students. Building a collaboration with an entire school community is key to our mutual success
Results Results are about empowering educational communities. My mission is to engage teachers in professional dialogues and to help students learn to love reading and writing. From the on-going communication during our work together, to the resources I create for each client, my goal is build powerful and sustainable practices
"Every child has the
 RIGHT and the
 CAPACITY to learn"

Patty Vitale-Reilly

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